Opposition to hold two rallies in one week

Opposition to hold two rallies in one week

Two rallies in one week. One of them in front of parliament, while the other in front of the prime minister’s office. This is the opposition’s plan this week. However, everything is expected to culminate in the demonstration it’s planning to hold on March 16. According to opposition leaders, this protest is expected to be the biggest one ever held. Meanwhile, the demonstration that will be held on March 13 is expected to take place at the same time as parliament convenes. Let us not forget that opposition leaders have pledged that they would hold protests every time parliament convenes.

Such plan has also been discussed during the meeting that the Democratic Party’s leadership held yesterday. During this meeting, party leader Lulzim Basha  declared that situation in the country is not normal and that Edi Rama’s removal is a matter of national emergency.

“We will not rest until Rama leaves! We can never accept a party state and a government that collaborates with criminals”, Basha said amongst others.

“Europe and our international partners do not accept the current situation that the country is going through either. This is why I’m calling on party officials to gather as many people as possible in order for the government to go down”, Basha added.

On the other hand, the party’s structures was another topic discussed during the meeting that the Democratic party’s leadership held yesterday.

Day 127 of the protest

Basha launches accusations against the government in a meeting with residents of “Astir”

After the meeting of the Democratic Party leading structures, the party leader Lulzim Basha has joined the protest organized by residents of Astir. On day 127 of this protest, Basha talked about the so called affair concerning the project for the Great Ring Road, declaring that the mob is behind this project. “Organized crime and corruption are Rama’s lifeline. Rama represents the very scum of this society and time has come to get rid of it. Time has come for thieves and Edi Rama to go”, he said, adding that “the decision to abandon mandates is the most legitimate, democratic and patriotic decision that this party has ever taken”. “With this decision, we decided to be on the people’s side and we will let people decide for everything else”, Basha also said.

Leader of SMI replies to sceptics: We have no intention of withdrawing!

In a meeting held today in the northern city of Lezha, leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi has talked about the reasons that pushed opposition MPs to resign from parliament.

“The decision to give up our parliamentary mandates was a difficult decision, but we could no longer pretend we were acting as an opposition. Our decision aimed at making citizens, socialist supporters and public sector employees aware about the fact that the state today has been captured along with parliament, justice system and security. There’s only one way out of this situation: we need to confront this criminal group who is controlling the state head-on. We will not withdraw and we will continue to fight Rama’s failures”, Kryemadhi said.