Left wing parties join forces ahead of elections

Left wing parties join forces ahead of elections
The Socialist Party has convened a special meeting with all left wing political parties. Participants stress the need to amend the electoral code, to offer migrant workers the possibility to vote and the introduction of electronic ballot counting through a pilot project in the June 30 elections

A joint platform for a winning coalition in the June 30 local government elections. This was the conclusion that was reached today following a special meeting that the Socialist Party had convened with 26 left wing parties to discuss the political situation in the country and the preparations which need to be made for the upcoming local government elections. So, participants in this meeting have backed the need to make amendments in the Electoral Code and to depoliticize the electoral administration. Another topic that was discussed was the demand to enable Albanian migrant workers living abroad to participate in the country’s elections. “But we also suggest the introduction of electronic ballot counting through a pilot project starting from June 30 elections”, the joint statement says. Meanwhile, they also addressed an appeal to all political parties in the country to comply with the deadline for the registration in the polls. On the other hand, left wing parties have also condemned the mass resignation of opposition MPs.

“The mass resignation of Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration MPs are designed to damage our national and strategic interests for personal and political gains”, the statement released after the meeting reads.

Meanwhile, according to these political parties, repeated acts of violence seen in the opposition’s protests pose a threat for the stability of the country.

“The rhetoric and the use of violence by DP and SMI for political purposes aim at destabilizing the country and cause social chaos. This takes us back to the events that the country saw in 1997 and 1998”, the 26 left wing parties declare.