Ruling on Dajti, Gjonaj: Court of Appeal is corrupt

Ruling on Dajti, Gjonaj: Court of Appeal is corrupt

The ruling which overruled a previous decision taken against Dritan Dajti to sentence him to life imprisonment has sparked strong reactions by the Albanian government. Yesterday, two ministers issued statements warning that they will not rest until they make justice. At the meantime, the prosecutor’s office has also announced that it will appeal the court’s decision.

Justice minister, Etilda Gjonaj told reporters yesterday that the ruling on Dajti’s case was unprecedented and shocking.

“The decision handed by this body of judges to reduce the sentence to 25 years in prison for a defendant who is accused of the murder of four police officers, clearly shows that this is a corruption affair and a breach of the penal procedure code”, Mrs. Gjonaj said. She considered the decision as “an outrageous scandal”. “The decision that was handed by these judges is in total breach of the law”.

Gjonaj said that legal steps are being taken to investigate the ruling issued by the Appeal Court, stressing that “some judges do not deserve anything else but to be despised by every honest citizen”.

According to Gjonaj, this decision represents a violation of every standard of the criminal process and it may create a dangerous precedent where criminals could be released from prison.

The justice ministry has decided to address to the High Judicial Council “to take prompt action in order to issue disciplinary measures regarding this unprecedented case which is in violation of every judicial standard”.

“Assets are an important element to be examined by the vetting institutions, but above all, I would like to ask the Independent Evaluation Committee and the International Monitoring Operation to focus on such elements when evaluating such judges or prosecutors who have assisted criminal gangs in avoiding punishment”, Gjonaj said.