What are the new projects that ministries are planning for 2019?

What are the new projects that ministries are planning for 2019?
Decisions and special bills which aim at changing the existing ones or new measures to improve citizens’ lives. All of them are projects which are included in the general analytical program which will be handled by the Council of Ministers in 2019. Enacted at the beginning of the year, this program contains a specific list of projects prepared by each ministry in order to be approved by the government in the months to come. The list includes bills which also relate to the country’s security, such as the bill “For classified information”, for which government experts admit that “there’s a legal vacuum in regulating many work aspects”. There’s also the decision “For the approval of the National Strategy for Cyber Security” or the one “For the National Action Plan of the National Strategy against Violent Extremism”.

The list goes on with a bill proposed by the Ministry of Interior called “National Plan for Migration”, which aims at “identifying the reforms needed in the area of migration for a successful management of this phenomenon”. On the other hand, this ministry has also prepared the bill concerning citizenship or the one concerning asylum in Albania which needs to be amended. Both of these bills are expected to introduce new regulations on these phenomena. On the other hand, this year, the ministry of Justice is expected to send the government a number of projects which relate to the implementation of the justice reform, starting with the drafting of the initial budget of the Special Prosecution, SPAK and the new treatment of magistrates. On the other hand, this ministry has also proposed a new bill on “Probation Service” and the “Functioning of internal audits in the penitentiary system”. Another interesting bill which is expected to be discussed in the months to come is the one on “Arbitrage in the Republic of Albania”, starting with the cases involving the Albanian state, which will be handled by international courts.


EU negotiations and OSCE presidency, special projects foreseen

In June this year, Albania is expected to open negotiations for accession in the European Union, while next year, the country is expecting to take over the chairmanship of the Organization for Security and European Cooperation (OSCE). These two crucial points for the country’s foreign policy are also expected to be at the focus of the projects that the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs will submit to the government this year. A very important project is the one concerning the approval of the National Plan for European Integration 2019-2021. Government experts say that this plan relates to the country’s obligation to implement the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU.

“Laws and bylaws that will be drafted for the period 2019-2021 as part of the convergence process with the European Union”, they comment. Experts also say that there will be another special project “For the constitution of the structure that will be responsible for the OSCE’s chairmanship” and one relating to the constitution of the necessary government structure which will deliver OSCE’s chairmanship obligations.


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