The anxiety caused by the cabinet members proposed by Edi Rama to become part of his team, after sacking half of the old cabinet at the end of the year, seems to have come to an end. However, for two of them, who are “fighting” for the same post, it looks like it will be a long saga, which may not end like Rama predicted it to end.

President Ilir Meta has decreed all remaining ministers, but not the new Foreign minister, Gent Cakaj. And of course, the president has not decreed the dismissal of the current Foreign minister Ditmir Bushati.

Last evening, the head of the state announced the new decrees a few hours after he had summoned the Prime Minister in his office. The president decreed the nomination of the new minister of Education, Besa Shahini, who is an Albanian from Kosovo and Elva Margariti, minister of Culture.

Meanwhile, the president also decreed the nomination of the new minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj and the minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku.

On the other hand, nothing is yet known about the fate of Ditmir Bushati and Gent Cakaj, the Albanian from Kosovo who has been proposed for the post of Foreign minister.

So far, Mr. Meta has not confirmed Bushati’s removal from office and his replacement by Cakaj.

Meanwhile, the president has only a few hours remaining to decide on decreeing on Foreign Minister’s Bushati removal and the nomination of the new minister in his place.

What catches the eye in this new clash is the fact that even yesterday, the Albanian from Kosovo, Gent Cakaj could not pass the Albanian presidential vetting.

Earlier, after approving the first part of Rama’s proposals, Mr. Meta had declared that he was expecting all new ministers, who were not MPs. Among them were the two Albanians from Kosovo, Besa Shahini, who was proposed for the post of minister of Education and Gent Cakaj, who was proposed for the post of Foreign minister.

In the past few days, Mr. Meta has declared more than once that he was expecting to obtain information from the responsible institutions of the Republic of Kosovo regarding the two names in question.

Sources from the president’s office inform that as soon as Rama sent his proposals to be signed by the president, the latter prepared the two files for the two Albanians from Kosovo, Shahini and Cakaj and sent them to Pristina to be vetted.

It’s clear that something is wrong, because last night, one of the two Kosovo citizens, who have also held Albanian citizenship for several months, was confirmed as minister. The minister in question was Besa Shahini, who was appointed as Education minister.

However, Cakaj could not pass the vetting process, despite the fact that the letters that the president sent to the institutions of Kosovo were sent at the same time for both Cakaj and Shahini.

It is not yet known if Meta has decided not to decree Ditmir Bushati’s dismissal and the nomination of Gent Cakaj as the new Foreign minister, but one thing is clear: the constitutional deadline expires in a matter of hours.

New developments are expected today in relation to Cakaj’s case. /albanian free press/

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