The state continues to “steal” from itself, 1 billion euros worth of abuses reported

The state continues to “steal” from itself, 1 billion euros worth of abuses reported
In Albania, institutions continue to abuse with public funds. This has once again been denounced by the High State Audit in its audit covering the period January-September of this year. During this audit, HSA has identified irregularities and financial abuses in many institutions of this country. “The total amount of financial abuse was 957.3 million euros”, HSA confirms. According to this institution, breaches in financial discipline in state institutions has led to total damages amounting to 917 million euros, while the other 40 million euros is the damage caused through irregularities and financial breaches in terms of the revenues and expenses that  were made. On the other hand, according to the High State Audit, one of the sectors with most abuses was the sector of the sale and rental of state owned properties.

These abuses also apply to concession contracts or PPPs, which is the term used for Public-Private Partnership. In this sector, the state has suffered a financial damage of 2.1 billion lek followed by Customs with more than 1billion lek and the Tax authority with 223 million lek worth of damages. All of these sectors are meant to generate most of the revenues for the state coffers, but it looks like these coffers are not doing anything else but shrinking.

Even in terms of breaches in the financial discipline of revenues, PPPs, concession agreements, rentals or the sale of state owned property occupies an important place. The audit has identified a total of 12.1 billion lek of violations in this field, followed by other groups with 17.7 billion lek, while the amount which is attributed to the taxation system amounts to 14.2 billion lek.

 HSA starts 34 lawsuits, charges pressed against 98 people

34 lawsuits and charges pressed against 98 people. This was the action taken by the High State Audit following the abuses that institutions have made with public funds. “Also, during the period January-September 2018, 66 recommendations have been made for legal amendments”, HSA says. As far as criminal proceedings are concerned, this institution explains that it has pressed charges against medium and senior officials in the following institutions: State Reserve Department, ALUIZNI, ERE, Civil Aviation, Municipality of Belsh, Municipality of Rrogozhina, University of Korça, Trauma University Hospital, Albanian Railway, etc.

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