Opposition comes up with a platform for the electoral reform

Opposition comes up with a platform for the electoral reform
The leader of the Albanian Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has presented today a platform, which, according to him, will enable the country to have free and fair elections.

According to him, this platform is based on four points:

“Decriminalization of the electoral process, which includes vetting of politicians; measures against vote buying; drastic cuts in expenses for the electoral campaign and 100% state funding; use of technology in the voting and electronic counting of ballots”.

“All of these points are important in order to guarantee a better electoral process and to make this a truly democratic process”, the chairman of the Democratic Party added.

Basha also declared that he’s open for amendments in the Electoral Code once the four points of this platform are delivered.

The democrat leader also said that he was in favour of reducing the number of parliamentary seats to 100 and also in favour of a parliament with two houses, which would enable a better balance and check of powers.


PM Rama reacts about the opposition’s proposal on the electoral reform

The head of the government, Edi Rama has reacted today following the opposition’s proposal on the electoral reform. During the meeting of the socialist parliamentary group, PM Edi Rama said that the opposition leader, Basha does not really want the electoral reform.

According to him, although majority tried all summer long to convince the opposition into working together for the electoral reform, the opposition refused.

“They’re desperate. They’re lacking ideas and vision. They cannot defeat us through elections”, Rama said.

Both political sides in the country are still far from reaching consensus on the electoral reform. The last time the Electoral Code was changed was in February 2015.

After the local government elections of 2015 and general elections of 2017, OSCE/ODIHR issued a number of recommendations which involve amendments of the Electoral Code, which should address all problems that were encountered in previous elections.

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