Why is the number of suicides in Albania growing?

Why is the number of suicides in Albania growing?
The number of people who commit suicide in Albania year after year is growing and this has become a cause for concern. Doctors say that the number of people who take their own life has increased significantly, while suicide itself is a complex issue. Therefore, the efforts to prevent it demand a better coordination and cooperation between different sectors of society, including the healthcare system, education system etc. This has become a real cause for concern for many countries of the world too. According to World Health Organization, the number of people who commit suicide each year is over 800.000 thousand. Meanwhile, the number of suicide attempts is 25 times higher. Today, Albanian Free Press talks to the president of the Albanian Psychological Society, Valbona Treska. According to her, we need to learn how to seek help from specialists, but also to recognize the signs of a person that needs help, without allowing the situation to aggravate.

660 people committed suicide in Albania in the past three years

659 people committed suicide in the past three years in Albania. Meanwhile, this year, there are still no official figures, although hospitals say that the number of people who have attempted suicide is considerable. On their part, psychiatrists say that some of the main causes which lead to suicide are mental disorders, depression, stress, consumption of alcohol and different drugs.

Specialists also say that there’s a growing number of suicide attempts among teenagers due to the impact that movies have on them.

Suicide is a tragic event for the family, friends and community. They can experience a wide range of emotions, including pain, anger, guilt, mistrust, etc. Although support given by friends and relatives could be effective for those people who are in danger of committing suicide and those who have lost a relative, it’s not always enough. In the majority of cases, there needs to be more specialized help. This help can be obtained in different forms. In Albania, it can be offered in centers specialized in mental health, hospitals, private clinics or organizations working in this field.

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