Interview with the democrat MP Klevis Balliu

Interview with the democrat MP Klevis Balliu
Interview with the democrat MP, Klevis Balliu: Europe will not open accession talks with a country run by organized crime; a country which has no courts or justice system. It will not open accession talks with a country which does not hold free and honest elections or a country where ministers and criminals work together”

“There will never be cooperation between DP and SP”

 “There has never been and there will never be cooperation between the DP and SP. Such idea is not up for discussion within the Democratic Party. This party can never join forces with the descendants of dictators and organized crime”. This is the opinion of the democrat MP, Klevis Balliu on the possibility of cooperation between the two largest political parties in the country, given exclusively to Albanian Free Press. According to him “the Democratic Party’s objective now is to fully decriminalize politics”, because “unless all ties between the Albanian state and the underworld are cut, there can never be stability in the country”. As far as the issue of EU accession talks is concerned, Balliu says that “with Edi Rama as Prime Minister, Albania not only will fail to make steps forward; on the contrary, it will regress. This is clear, because Albania did not launch accession talks and for as long as the country continues to be governed by Edi Rama and the mob, the country will not be able to open accession talks. “Rama is the only person responsible for the fact that today, Albania is the only country in the world without a Constitutional Court and without a Supreme Court”, he added.

It’s been a year now that the Socialist Party is governing on its own. According to you, what are some of the achievements and failures of this government in this first year without SMI as part of the coalition?

We’re not talking about failures. What we’re dealing with here is a criminal strategy masterminded by Edi Rama. The only plan that the Socialist Party had was to ruin the democratic system in the country and enable criminal gangs to rule.

Do you think that there will be any changes in the government in September and why? Which ministries have had the poorest performance and how can this way of governing change in order to yield better results?

 I don’t know and I don’t care, because the problem doesn’t relate to a single minister or MP, but the corruptive mob like system that Rama has set up. It’s a matter of national interest for the system that Rama has set up to be destroyed as soon as possible. There’s only one way to do this: there should be a revolt. Citizens, led by the opposition, should save the country from the abyss that this government is taking it to.

How would you assess the sector of tourism this year in Albania? Did the number of tourists in your constituency rise? What about the quality of service and accommodation or other aspects of a high quality sector? Were they better than a year ago?

Facts speak for themselves. This year, Albanian beaches were not only abandoned by foreigners, but by Albanians too. Albanians did not have the financial means to go on holiday, because high taxes and bills are destroying their finances. Abuses with prices have discouraged many Albanians from visiting the coast. Unfortunately, this season was a failure and all it left behind was a poorer economy. And the only one to blame for this is Edi Rama’s criminal government.









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