School of Magistrates: USA accuses the opposition

School of Magistrates: USA accuses the opposition
“Politicians fear the rule of law, this is why they did not collaborate to support the School of Magistrates and the reform in justice”.

This is the opinion of the chargé d’affair of the United States of America in Tirana, David Muniz regarding the failure to vote the bill on the School of Magistrates in the last sitting of this parliamentary legislative session, targeting, in this case, the Albanian opposition which did not offer its consent on the voting and boycotted the last plenary session.

However, according to him, this is “a failure of all parliamentary parties”. The US embassy official said that this was a simple matter of amending the law on the Status of Judges and Prosecutors, in order to deliver a very basic requirement for a functional justice system, which permits young students to enroll the School of Magistrates.

According to him, this school should prepare the next generation of judges and prosecutors of Albania, outside all political influences, in order for Albanians to finally find justice in their courts.

“Albanian politicians had the opportunity to take this simple step forward and open the doors for a new generation of students, but they did not do this”, he said, adding that “the vetting process is advancing rapidly and Albania needs new judges and prosecutors who will uphold the law”. Let us recall that the amendments proposed for the law on the School of Magistrates, aimed at allowing this school to decide on the new enrollments, in the absence of the High Judicial Board and High Board of Prosecutors.  Meanwhile, the appointment of judges and prosecutors was supposed to be carried out by the Supreme Council of Justice and Prosecutor General. This proposal was rejected by the opposition, while the majority did not have the necessary 84 votes to pass these amendments.


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