PM Rama and the opposition engage in a debate on the vetting process

PM Rama and the opposition engage in a debate on the vetting process
The results of the vetting process are provoking fresh debates between Albanian political sides. So, the decision to leave Supreme Court justice Ardian Dvorani in office yesterday has sparked a reaction by the Democratic Party. According to this party, this is the proof that the vetting process is a fake process.

It was the democrat MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj who said that this political force considers the decision to keep, what he called Edi Rama’s yes man and friend to Fatmir Xhafaj, in duty, as bad news for the country.

“The vetting process is not serving the justice system, but PM Rama. The Democratic Party had warned that this ‘political decision’ about the Supreme Court justice was imminent”, he said. Meanwhile, another reaction has come yesterday from the Democratic Party headquarters regarding the ongoing debate about the School of Magistrates, which is part of the justice system. According to the democrat MP, Gazmend Bardhi, PM Rama is undoing this reform and, through the law about this school, he’s going back to decaying institutions of justice. But, on his part, PM Edi Rama has reacted by saying that “the big reformation of the justice system has started and it will not stop”. The PM recalled that “two years ago, we managed to pass the reform in justice after going through so many obstacles”. “The same as two years ago, they’re just acting unreasonably, while the US and EU call on them to come to their senses. I’m sorry for all of those who still believe in them and listen to them”, Rama added.

Meanwhile, the other hand, minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj declared that this process is going well, confirming that the vetting process is working out and that “the reformation of the justice system is happening”. According to her, vetting is bringing back hope among the citizens of this country  for justice. “The vetting process is being attacked on a daily basis by the opposition, which has not only lost absolute control on a judicial corrupt judicial system, but now, it has also lost its ability to reason”, she added, assuring that “everyone who, in the past three decades has sought justice from a justice system captured by politics and ruined by corruption, is well clear that there’s no going back”.



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