How can the Élysée Palace fall so quickly?

How can the Élysée Palace fall so quickly?
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By Frrok Çupi

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron has received a terrible blow. When it looked like the youngest French president had reached the peak, at that moment very moment he collapsed. It was the time when the world was admiring Macron’s “biblical” photo, who, like a God was standing above the heads of millions of people who rejoiced over the victory of the World Cup by France.

Now, the whole world is curious to see if France’s Macron will be able to survive the Élysée “tower” or not. Had the French president have a plan on how to defend Louis XVI castle?

There were two events which shocked the Élysée:

The president’s young bodyguard’s act and the fact that president Macron did not act.

After the president’s bodyguard, Alexandre Benalla was captured by the cameras beating a French protester, the president didn’t say a word. As if this was not enough, at the moment when he was beating the protester, Benalla was wearing a police uniform, although he had never been a police officer all his life. The president did not react about this either. His missing reaction pushed the opposition and the head of the extreme left, Jean-Luc Melenchon, to speculate and raise a number of questions.

The first question simple question is the following: “Why is it that president Macron did not punish Benalla?” The French media has revealed several shocking facts: That Benalla is one of the people closest to Macron; the fact that Macron has offered the young bodyguard an expensive home close to the president’s; the fact that Benalla is paid 130 thousand euros a year…

Meanwhile, Macron was forced to dismiss (meaning, to confirm) that “Benalla is not my lover”. The media and the public are considering Macron as a “closet homosexual”, although he declared that “if I were a homosexual, I would publicly admit it”. However, there are many elements which cannot come to his rescue in the “Benalla” case.

However, we, who live outside of France, are more interested on the impact of Élysée’s “fall” on the governments’ of European countries or those aspiring to become members of the EU.

The first one relates to “homosexuality”

 It’s now a known fact that homosexual groups have been able to exert their influence through liberal “globalist” routes and Soros’ organizations in several European and eastern governments. The French are displaying signs of discontent on many issues concerning this government. The recent world events, especially in the West (Helsinki Summit, Salvini’s victory in Italy and Orban’s victory in Hungary) are proving to be real game changers, pushing for the removal of governments involved in deceit, demagogy and working against national interests.


France’s leader made many promises when he came to power and he was almost unknown. Today, 60% of the French people do not want the Élysée, as opposed to 58% a few months ago. In 2018, unemployment in France grew by 0,2% to 9,2%. Economic growth was only 0.3%, while at the same time in 2017, it was 0.7%. If Élysée is so fragile, what can we say about European government which do nothing?

Third, hiding behind “reforms’

The French have a long dating democracy. If a government of Eastern Europe mentions the word “reforms” to its voters, then they will “shut up”. Macron’s reforms are fake. “We do want reforms”, said a young Parisian, “but they are damaging people”. Suppositions regarding homosexuality were only the last act.

Fourth, the world scene

Macron had often chanted that he would be the “main player” of the world scene, but he has lost. The past 15 months have been disappointing for him. He lost against Donald Trump. He thought that he would measure against the US president, but he lost all battles, including climate change, nuclear deal with Iran, etc. Recently, he has entered in conflict with European governments such as the Italian, Polish and Hungarian ones due to the arrogant slogans on emigration. Nobody knows how his plan for “hot spots” in Libya concerning asylum seekers has moved forward. Even Merkel could not follow him.

Élysée is shaking. There’s an obvious need for change and to replace “globalist” governments with conservative governments. Benalla marked the “end of the crisis” in the Élysée.

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