Debate at Albanian Free Press

Debate at Albanian Free Press
Interview with the Socialist Party MP, Ismet Beqiraj:

“I think it’s necessary for the reform in justice to also apply to politicians, statesmen, oligarchs, because this is something that helps democracy”

 Vetting has opened the Pandora box for the justice system

 “Reform in the justice system has just opened the Pandora box, by unmasking all the most senior officials of our justice system”. This is the opinion of the Socialist Party MP, Ismet Beqiraj given in an interview for Albanian Free Press. “If you want to control a nation spiritually, politically and economically, then you just need to corrupt its judicial system.  What the justice system has done to this country for the past 27 years, has not even been done by the most barbaric invaders throughout the centuries. Recently, those who delivered so many injustices, are paying the price of their sins. This is just the start!”, he adds on this.  Meanwhile, Beqiraj also comments the possibility of a coalition between the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party. “Politics is the art of what is possible, therefore I cannot say yes or no. However, when national interests prevail, then political sides sit down and talk to each other”, he argues. Beqiraj also comments on the issue of negotiations with the European Union. “I’m optimistic in nature, but this time, things are clear!

Negotiations will open and the EU has decided to start them in June 2019”, he said, by also mentioning Mother Theresa’s expression “we have forgotten to belong to each other, that’s why we don’t have peace” referring the differences that exist between politicians. According to him, there should be no differences while everyone should be focused on opening the negotiations with the EU as soon as possible.

Interview with the Democratic Party MP, Klevis Balliu: “There’s no reform in the justice system. This mechanism is designed to put the justice system under Edi Rama’s control, in order for him to protect the gangs that keep him in power”

“Vetting is a tool of the government to leave the country without a justice system”

“Reform in the justice system died since the seven bills were passed without consensus. The justice system died when Rama and his vetting process decided to remove opponents of the justice system and Rama’s opponents”. This is the opinion expressed by the Democrat Party MP, Klevis Balliu in a special interview for Albanian Free Press. “Look at this vetting. They’re removing judges because a nephew may have been caught in possession of 4 grams of cannabis. It’s a disgrace and it clearly shows that vetting is a government’s instrument, sponsored by several members of the international community, who left Albania without a Constitutional Court, without a Supreme Court and without a justice system”, he says. Meanwhile, according to him, during the time of the Democratic Party in office, “70% of lawsuits against the government were won by citizens, while today, 90% of lawsuits are won by the government”. On the other hand, as far as political developments are concerned, he says that “today, Albania needs a government which fights crime; a government which will offer citizens free and fair elections”. According to him, the difference between DP and SP is clear. “SP criminalized Parliament, while the Democratic Party decriminalized it. The Democratic Party cannot collaborate with a government which works against the interests of the nation, which taxes the highway linking Kosovo to Albania, a government which makes enemies in the west and embraces Soviet lines. The Democratic Party is driven by national interests, while the Socialist Party is driven by Rama’s gangs. Therefore, it’s impossible for the spirit of collaboration to prevail”, he further argues.




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