EU concerned over violence in today's opposition protest

EU concerned over violence in today's opposition protest
EU Delegation to Tirana has also released a statement today ahead of the opposition’s demonstration, which is expected to take place in a few hours.

Full statement:

We fully respect and support the fundamental right of citizens of Albania to demonstrate. At the same time, we continue to stress the importance of exercising this right in an orderly and peaceful manner.

We are concerned by recent episodes of violence which have taken place in some regions of the country. Any violent act or any form of incitement to violence are not tolerable in any circumstances.

It is the direct responsibility of the protest leaders to ensure that tonight's demonstrations are held in a safe manner for both participants and ordinary residents of Tirana and to avoid any escalation during the protests. The use of explosives or any other items designed to cause injury is completely unacceptable. Law enforcement authorities also have a responsibility to continue acting with restraint, even if provoked.

We continue to call on all sides to show strong political will and to urgently engage in a constructive dialogue to overcome the current political situation and to sustain and consolidate the progress made by Albania in the reform process.