Foreign investments in Albania continue to flow in

Foreign investments in Albania continue to flow in
Albania seems to be quite attractive for foreign investors who want to invest their money in the country. This is suggested by the latest figures supplied by the Bank of Albania. Based on these figures, last year, foreign direct investments in the country have increased as opposed to a year ago. In terms of figures, foreign investments in Albania grew to 1 billion euros. Compared to 2017, there were 110 million euros more investments. In total, during 2017, direct foreign investments in Albania amounted to 890 million euros. Meanwhile, in 2016 the level of investments was higher, namely 943 million euros thanks to several important contracts that were signed, including the construction of the hydropower plant of Devoll or the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, TAP.

Meanwhile, if we refer to the figures for last year, the end of the year registered the biggest amount of foreign direct investments.  In the third quarter of 2018, investments were 266 million euros, while in the fourth quarter they were 264 million euros. During the previous year, investments in the third quarter were 221 million euros and during the fourth quarter, they were 236 million euros.

On the other hand, if we refer to the map of the countries investing in Albania, it shows that Switzerland is the biggest investor with 1.3 billion euros. Greece comes second with 1.22 billion euros, while Holland comes third with 1 billion euros.

Greece is the top investor among other countries of the region in Albania

Greece may be considered as the biggest investor among other regional investors in Albania. With 1.22 billion euros worth of investments, Greek investments are higher than Italian investments with 686 million euros. On the other hand, Turkey is also a big investor in Albania with a total of 600 million euros, followed by Kosovo with 70 million euros and North Macedonia with around 35 million euros.