2019 tax policy, businesses appeal: There are taxes which can be improved

2019 tax policy, businesses appeal: There are taxes which can be improved
There are certain taxes which can be improved as part of the revision of next year’s tax policy, before it receives its final approval by parliament. This has been the request that business representative made yesterday in a meeting that they had with MPs regarding next year’s tax policy. One of the most important points of discussion was the demand to increase the bracket for non taxable incomes from 30 thousand to 40 thousand lek, in order to avoid tax evasion.

Businesses have not accepted the proposal made by  the minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj to tax every salary, including minimum salaries. On the other hand, each interest group has offered its input on the 2019 tax policy. The representative of Builders’ Association has demanded a reduction of the tax on infrastructure. “The tax is paid to the city hall and it amounted to 5% over the cost, but now it’s being increased to 100 euros per square meter”, said Luigj Aleksi, who stressed that this cost will be passed onto people who want to buy new homes. Meanwhile, another important topic was the new bill which obliges construction companies to reserve 3% of new homes for social accommodation. According to Aleksi, this amounts to almost 20% of the profits made by construction companies, therefore this tax needs to be revised. Businesses have also launched an appeal about property tax. According to them, unsold properties will also be taxed next year and according to construction companies, this tax should be revised. On the other hand, another concern raised by representatives of Business Albania relates to the high cost of electricity and water that businesses have to pay. “We’re the only country in the region where businesses pay twice as much for their electricity bills than individual consumers, but if losses in the network have been reduced, then they should also reduce electricity prices for us”, said Luan Bregasi, who demanded reduced electricity and water prices for businesses next year, depending on their size.


- Increase of non taxable income to 40 thousand lek a month

- Revision of the new infrastructure tax for construction companies

- Revision of the 3% tax for social accommodation

- Zero tax on dividend, despite the decrease that the government announced

- The lifting of Value Added Tax on veterinary

- Reimbursement of people in need for public transport

-Revision of taxes for the judicial system and foreign capital

- Reduction of electricity prices from 20% to 25% for businesses

- Exemption of glass from duty tax, etc.

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