Highway toll charge, DP: Rama is making a big mistake!

Highway toll charge, DP: Rama is making a big mistake!

The news for the reintroduction of the toll charge in the Albania-Kosovo highway has prompted the reaction of the opposition. The democrat whip, Edmond Spaho, considered this as a new provocation by the head of the government for the citizens of Kukes, Has and Tropoja.  “As if the fact that he’s still unjustly keeping four in prison through his judicial mechanisms was not enough, now he needs to provoke them too by introducing the toll charge”, Spaho said, adding that “Rama does not really care that the residents of these areas are among the poorest in the country”.

According to Spaho, what really matters to Rama is “to fill his pockets with the millions which will be generated through this corruptive scheme that toll charge represents. This is unprecedented”. “Edi Rama is making a very big mistake. He has not learned anything from the first time”, the democrat MP, Spaho says. Meanwhile, he warns the PM: “Careful, because this time, they may come to Tirana and they will not be on their own…”, was Spaho’s appeal. Meanwhile, for several weeks now authorities continue to put in place the necessary logistic that will be used to collect the toll charge in the Albania-Kosovo highway.

Meanwhile, the company in charge is expanding the area where road users can pay the toll charge in order to process as many payments as possible and avoid long queues. This week, the government is expected to introduce the new form for the payment of this charge, which will favour the residents of the area and frequent users of this road.


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