Farewell to pluralism

Farewell to pluralism
This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.albanianfreepress.al

By Frrok Çupi

Pluralism has been unable to survive to this new era of Albanian history; on the contrary, it has melted at the end of a season.

Political pluralism, which was established after 1990, could not even endure three decades. Today, we no longer have a “pluralist” political society. We don’t even have opposition parties; all the “small” parties melted in the wax of an individual; that wax may only be used to form the monument of the former chairman who has remained on his own. There are no more Christian democrats, no more environmentalists, no more minorities, no more republicans. All the parties that were born at the start of the political pluralism, melted in the last elections of June 2017.

It looks like the “flame” that melted pluralism was put on by the anti-communist flame which created pluralism. The Democratic Party turned monism into pluralism. This was forged from November 1990 until March 1992. One 18th of May, one of the democrat “delegates” entered a secret room and handed pluralism to the former Communist Party. This “secret deal” between SP and DP will only become public once political “monism” sealed that night is considered to be a value.

Majority parties also melted gradually. Today, we saw the merging of the Party for Justice and Unity  representing the Cham community, with the Socialist Party. Two of its MPs returned to the Socialist Party.

The tree of political pluralism has remained an illusion. The Democratic Party and Socialist Party, known as opposing parties, have merged into “One”. The actions of the DP in opposition should “convene” to the government. The DP has done a very fine job against political pluralism. What makes it easy for a government to be toppled? Pluralism. Even the powerful pluralism of the German chancellor Merkel is on brink of collapse. Why? Because it lives in pluralism.

In our “monist” era following the communist dictatorship, the government makes sure the “opposition” remains untouched. The majority protects the financial sources of the DP leaders, starting with its businesses and illicit earnings. The DP does nothing against the government. The DP leaders have remained like commanders without soldiers. They are happy for having an office, for enjoying several privileges and for exerting their influence. They don’t really need anything else.

Common people are being accused of doing nothing against this situation. In a pre-political era, Albanians built the best “democracy” that existed, praised by European literature. Albanians knew how to build balances of power, being one of the most illuminated nations of Europe. Albanians created codes known to be as some of the most equitable laws. From south to the north, Albanians built towers, family fortresses. Albanians proved that they were able to live independently from one another, without threatening each-other.

The communist ideology ruined the sense of the “independence” that was offered by these towers, codes and balances of power.

And now, here we are: The anti-communist movement represented by the Democratic Party has taken it upon itself to melt political pluralism. There are no longer “Christian democrats”, there are no longer “republicans”, and there are no longer “agrarians”.

It looks like man has accepted this “political unity” and has given up his sense of independence. This marks a point where we lose all hope and we declare monism as a value.

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