Albina Deda: “Azem Hajdari’s figure cannot be mocked by these scarecrows

Albina Deda: “Azem Hajdari’s figure cannot be mocked by these scarecrows
Interview with former democrat MP, Albina Deda: “Decoration of Gafur Mazreku is a criminal act masterminded by Edi Rama”

 The decoration of former socialist MP, Gafur Mazreku by Has’ Municipality Council is commented by the former democrat MP, Albina Deda, as a serious and premeditated act. In a special interview for Albanian Free Press, Deda accuses PM Edi Rama as a “mastermind” of this decision. According to Deda, the late MP, Azem Hajdari, who was shot five times by Mazreku in parliament, was never given recognition by the left wing for his role in overthrowing the system.

“This feeling of revenge continues to be alive”, she says. Meanwhile, commenting the political developments in the country, Deda says that the achievements and the novelties introduced by Rama’s government only exist in his propaganda. “Any proclaimed reform and government actions has not only resulted a failure, but also corrupt. There are three main elements distinguishing Rama’s government: Drugs, extreme poverty and people leaving the country in large numbers! De facto, Albania is no longer a republic, but a sultanate in the very heart of Europe”, she says.

Meanwhile, Deda adds that it would be best if on June 28th, the European Union decides in favor of opening accession talks with the country, because, according to the former democrat, integration is important for every Albanian. “For every Albanian, the opening of accession talks, even if it’s a conditional one, is important in one particular aspect: It means that this kleptocratic regime will be under scrutiny by Europe. It means that western capitals will exert a tougher scrutiny on the country’s institutions, on the cultivation of drugs and its impact on vote buying. All Albanian people aspire integration”, she says.



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