Albanian Free Press interviews with democrat MPs Çupi and Balliu

Albanian Free Press interviews with democrat MPs Çupi and Balliu
Interview with democrat MP, Dhurata Çupi: “The one who shot Azem Hajdari was awarded a disgraceful medal”

The decoration of the former socialist MP, Gafur Mazreku by Has’ municipality council has been commented by the democrat MP, Dhurata Cupi as a decision that honors no one. In a special interview for Albanian Free Press, Cupi says that “people who do such things cannot be honored”. Cupi also launches accusations against Rama’s government for “criminalizing the administration and institutions, by keeping people who have strong connections with the underworld”. “This government has caused so much hardship for Albanians, taxing them for everything and not offering anything back. During these five years in power, this government has done nothing else but impoverish Albanians”, she says, adding that she would want the country to open EU negotiation talks on June 28. “The opposition and chairman Basha have lobbied in favor of a positive decision in all European capitals”, she added.

Meanwhile, Cupi also comments the reform in justice, which, according to her, despite the opposition’s efforts to produce a good product which serves the justice system, it has turned into a stick in the hands of the government. “We’re seeing this with the vetting process, with the Constitutional Court, which does not have a quorum, with the Attorney General, who continues to be an interim attorney general even six months later. The opposition wants this process to be on the right tracks, but the majority does not want such thing, because its aim is to offer protection to Tahiri and keep Xhafaj as minister”, she said.

DP lawmaker, Keltis Balliu: “Mazreku’s decoration, Kristaq Rama’s son declared war on democracy”

“Mazreku’s decoration is a mob like act against Azem Hajdari’s figure. Through this act, Kristaq Rama’s son declared war to the democratic system in the country and insulted the Martyr of Democracy, Azem Hajdari. It had been three days that the opposition had been denouncing this disgraceful act, but I never thought the Socialist Party would lower itself to this point. After ripping off every penny that Albanian people had, after spreading cannabis all over the country, after governing through the drug lords, the government decides to commit this act. It’s a disgrace to decorate a former convict, who would never pass the vetting process that they trumpet so much. This shows that there’s no vetting, there’s no justice, there’s no Constitution, and there are no courts”.

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