Unidentified people break into the Durres District Attorney’s office

Unidentified people break into the Durres District Attorney’s office

A rather flagrant case of robbery and theft was the one occurred at the District Attorney Office in Durres yesterday morning. According to police, unidentified persons have broken in the server’s room, damaged several appliances and stole several others. “These people have also broken in the office of a prosecutor and the office of judiciary police officers”, police clarifies. Authorities also explain that the building was robbed during the hours when there was security personnel in the premises. For this reason, two security guards have been questioned yesterday and were asked how come they did not see anything while this whole thing was taking place. Authorities are also questioning the janitor who saw the robbery taking place and alerted police. Meanwhile, the perpetrators have also taken documents relating to investigations and most damages were caused in the assistant district attorney Afrim Shehu’s office.

The robbed offices are located on the fourth and fifth floor, but the biggest damages his office was the one to suffer most damages. It’s understood that this prosecutor is conducting investigations on officials who are involved in abuses with office and corruption. Prosecution suspects that this is the work of a structural criminal gang, while the Attorney General’s office has sent a team of prosecutors to investigate on this case. Investigators suspect that this case is related to the robbery of the Post Office branch in Durres taken place on May 8. The perpetrators of this robbery have not yet been identified.

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