Tahiri’s case, EU: Be careful with the presumption of innocence!

Tahiri’s case, EU: Be careful with the presumption of innocence!
After the United States of America, yesterday it was the European Union that reacted on Tahiri’s case, following the decision of the Court for Serious Crimes, which placed the former Interior minister on house arrest. “The European Union commends the work of Albania’s law enforcement authorities and the recent positive developments related to investigation into organised crime and corruption cases.

While recalling that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental element of the right to a fair judicial procedure, the European Union also expresses its expectation that the Albanian authorities firmly continue their fight against corruption and organised crime, which is essential for the advancement of Albania’s EU accession process”, states the press release issued by the EU delegation.

Let us recall that on Saturday, the court decided to place Saimir Tahiri on house arrest, while this was contested by his defence attorney.

The US embassy to Tirana has also reacted on such decision. According to this embassy, Albania has made progress in its fight against organized crime and corruption. “The court’s decision to place Saimir Tahiri on house arrest shows that this important corruption case will be tried fairly and in a transparent way by the court”, the US embassy declared.  Meanwhile, this week, Saimir Tahiri is expected to appeal the house arrest. The former minister has spent the first day of his house arrest having coffee, smoking and taking notes in the balcony of his apartment.




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