Tahiri freed while awaiting trial

Tahiri freed while awaiting trial
An Albanian court has decided to free former Interior minister, Saimir Tahiri, following a previous decision by another court to place him on house arrest.

The former Interior minister, Tahiri is accused of involvement in the international traffic of drugs.

On his part, the defence attorney of the former minister said that with the evidence presented thus far by the prosecution, Tahiri is entitled to acquittal.

According to Maks Haxhia, the accusations addressed against his client are unfounded and the prosecution has brought no fresh evidence against Tahiri. Let us recall that two days ago, the US ambassador, Donald Lu launched an appeal for the court,  in order for it not to be affected by pressure and rely only on evidence. Meanwhile, the verdict was followed by the reaction of the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha.

According to him, the decision to free Saimir Tahir was a preannounced farce. Basha declared that this verdict represents the triumph of crime and drug traffickers, but also a serious blow to European integration. It was all concluded based on the mob like pact between Rama and Tahiri. This act reconfirmed that Edi Rama and Saimir Tahiri are and will always be as one and inseparable. They used crime and drugs for money and power and now they’re using power to guarantee Tahiri’s impunity. Tahiri’s release shows that Edi Rama has chosen to be on the side of crime, at the detriment of Albania”, Basha commented.

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