See you in the protest!

See you in the protest!
By Sonila Meço

The media spent a lot of time analyzing the protest that was organized by the opposition. The protest was considered failed; the participants were counted and recounted. The speech of the opposition leader was analyzed along with its essence. Lots of conspiracies theories were told about the protest.  The saddest thing was when analysts asked a very basic question: should this protest have been held or not? To spend several hours of televised debate and discuss whether or not the protest was worth it, is as frustrating as the wait for the decision on whether we will be integrated as part of the EU family or not. These types of questions are discouraging for us and for our perspective, a perspective which is being held to ransom from all of those who have captured the state. A captured state is not in a dilemma for the opening of negotiations. Why would groups which are connected to informal and criminal rings, who are benefiting at the detriment of public interest, be interested on coming closer to Europe, while this represents a tool of democratization, thus limiting their influence and giving up on this state capture?

Today, Europe feels that the philosophy followed so far has not produced any reforms or rule of law. On the contrary, it has only produced a ruling elite and a depressed civil society. There’s no other way of restoring hope besides strengthening civil society and raising awareness that this society is being controlled by a handful of people. This is what we should prove to Europe every day. We should prove that the philosophy followed thus far, with the support of their leaders, with the only aim of ensuring stability and reforms on paper, have left us without an economy, justice and wellbeing. We should prove that if support is needed today, this support should go for citizens through civil society, activists, new groups that aim for a functioning state not just on paper. There’s no other way for as long as we remain behind the curtains, waiting for our battle to be fought by Brussels’ Eurocrats, European chancellors, Euro MPs or our elites, which are anything but scrupulous. Otherwise, we may end up refugees, not only in other countries, but in our country too.

Therefore, goodbye and see you in the protest!



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