Integration plan, what does the EU expect from our economy until 2020?

Integration plan, what does the EU expect from our economy until 2020?
It doesn’t matter whether accession talks are opened in the month of June or not. The European Union will continue to impose conditions on Albania, especially in the economic point of view. This is made clear in the 2018-2020 National Integration Plan, which has now become official and it reflects all the requirements of the EU for the Albanian economy in these three years, starting with the request to amend the current law concerning the Bank of Albania, which is expected to happen in 2019. Another law which is expected to be amended is the one regarding statistics.

This law needs to be harmonized with European standards within 2020. Above all, foreign experts insist that the country should harmonize its legislation with the European Union legislation in these three years. “Albania doesn’t only have the obligation of technically adapting its legislation to the EU legislation, it also needs to make sure this legislation is implemented properly”, they say. This strategy continues with other practical things which are expected to change until 2020, such as the entitlement of foreign nationals to purchase lands or properties in Albania or the requirement to change the existing laws on industrial propriety or copyright, admitting that there many forgeries and thefts.

On the other hand, another appeal that EU experts send out to the Albanian authorities until 2020 is to change the current law on concessions as soon as possible. “The legislation for procurement and concessions should be adapted in accordance to the EU directives, in particular, the 10% bonus in case of unrequested proposals and exclusion of infrastructural projects from the effect of the law”, they explain. But, the EU has also issued directives for agriculture and food, demanding authorities to increase the level of safety. Meanwhile, as far as the monetary aspect is concerned, they require “the Albanian central bank to apply its action plan on nonperforming loans and also to work in order to enable the reopening of the stock exchange and promote the use of the national currency”


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