DP-SMI: Saturday’s protest will be a massive revolt!

DP-SMI: Saturday’s protest will be a massive revolt!

The Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration have started to make preparations about the protest that has been scheduled to take place on Saturday, 26 May. Both of these parties have held meetings of their parliamentary groups to discuss the details of this protest. On his part, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has delegated tasks for each democrat MP regarding Saturday’s protest. Basha is understood to have asked his MPs to meet people and make sure that they participate in large numbers. Basha has told the same to local heads of the DP in Tirana in a special meeting held with them.

“We hold this protest for a better life and hope for every Albanian. A protest for real justice! For Europe and its values! Together, we’re stronger than criminals and people who are connected to the underworld.  We cannot sacrifice Albania and the future for brothers Xhafaj and Habilaj”, is the message of the poster that the Democratic Party has distributed on the occasion of the protest. On the other hand, the parliamentary group of the Socialist Movement for Integration has also met. The deputy chairman of this group, Luan Rama told MPs that they need to ensure the participation of as many people as possible in the protest. Meanwhile, Rama said that every preparation is being made in order to turn this into a civil revolt.

Saturday’s protest is expected to be held at 11 am in front of the building of the ministry of Interior. Then, protesters will move in front of the government building. The main request that will be articulated during the protest is the resignation of the Interior minister, Fatmir Xhafaj.

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