DEBATE AT ALBANIAN FREE PRESS/Intellectuals opinion on Xhafaj's case

DEBATE AT ALBANIAN FREE PRESS/Intellectuals opinion on Xhafaj's case
FORUM/ Intellectuals Idajet Beqiri, Shkelqim Muça and Ilir Yzeiri offer their insights on the request made by the opposition for the resignation of the Interior minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, claiming that his brother continues to lead the traffic of drugs in Vlora

 Interviewed for Albanian Free Press by Albert Zholi

 Yesterday was also filled with developments focusing on the minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj. Xhafaj has appeared on a press conference and accused the opposition of blackmailing with the audio-recording involving his brother, Agron Xhafaj. Before this press conference, Xhafaj had a meeting with PM Edi Rama and after this meeting, both of them participated in the meeting of the National Security Council at the president’s office. On its part, the opposition held a protest in front of the premises of the ministry of Interior. But, how do intellectuals in the country view this situation? Do they think that minister Xhafaj should resign or not? Albanian Free Press offers insights from intellectuals such as Idajet Beqiri, Shkelqim Muça and Ilir Yzeiri.

How do they comment this recent development in the Albanian political stage? Why is the Interior minister being attacked by the opposition and should he resign? According to Idajet Beqiri, Xhafaj must never resign. “The attacks of the opposition against the Interior minister are well-coordinated with the Albanian underworld”, he says. Meanwhile, according to Dr. Sulejman Muça, we’re still in a phase of accusations and not solid proofs, therefore no resignation can be demanded. Analyst and professor Ilir Yzeiraj says that the minister has no connection whatsoever with the alleged crime committed by his brother. “During the years that Xhafaj has served in politics, he has never been prosecuted”, he asserts.

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