FORUM/MPs Perperim Spahiu, Ismet Beqiraj and Fadil Nasufi comment Saturday’s protest held by the opposition on 26 May. What do they think of it? Does the opposition plan on holding new protests? 

United opposition held a protest two days ago, on 26 May. The main request of this protest was the resignation of the Interior minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, following accusations against his brother for involvement in the traffic of drugs. Meanwhile, a day after the protest, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha declared that the opposition’s positioning remains unchanged and non-negotiable: “Fatmir Xhafaj needs to leave and will leave”.

Then, praising the participants, he said that the protest showed the wide world the truth about crime and drugs, the truth about Xhafaj’s brother, the truth about a Prime Minister who has so many connections with crime.  But what did this protest achieve? Will the opposition hold further protests? Albanian Free Press offers the insights of three MPs today. According to the socialist MP, Ismet Beqiraj “the 26 may protest would be considered as the act of the ‘black hand’ which would destroy the walls of the Rozafa castle in the legend”. “This attack targeted one of the main protagonists of the reform in justice, in order to delegitimize the reforms and the fight against organized crime, corruption, financial oligarchy and poverty”, he adds. Meanwhile, the other socialist MP, Fadil Nasufi, says that “the opposition’s protest on 26 May showed the difficult path that the leadership of DP and SMI have gotten themselves into, embarking on a failed mission of damaging Albania’s national and European interests”. Meanwhile, Socialist Movement for Integration MP, Perparim Spahiu says that “the opposition will continue its protests in a peaceful way until this government is overthrown and fresh elections are held”.



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