Opposition comes out on protest, majority in Parliament

Opposition comes out on protest, majority in Parliament
Yesterday, the Albanian opposition started its action for civil disobedience, by blocking four national roads. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister explained in Parliament what will be done about the toll charge in the Nation’s Road

 As it had previously announced, the Albanian opposition held a nationwide protest yesterday, by blocking four national roads in Milot, Lushnja, Elbasan and Vora. This protest was held a few days after the one held on the Nation’s Road, where protesters clashed with riot police, while 10 people are still in jail for this. On his part, joining protesters in Vora, the leader of the Democratic Party, LulzimBasha said that the opposition will be on the side of the citizens and against a private criminal regime.

“Those who are in power are a criminal gang. Edi Rama makes justice by putting people in prison. Therefore, today we’re on the side of the people who have decided to show their civil disobedience. We cannot become part of Europe with a government that arrests people and releases criminals”, he said.

Meanwhile, the chair of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi asked PM Edi Rama to cancel the toll charge introduced in the Nation’s Road.

“Albanians should take destiny in their own hands”, she said.

Meanwhile, the opposition’s protest ended in the afternoon without causing any incidents. On the other hand, while the opposition had taken to the streets, the majority was in Parliament where it discussed the issue concerning the Nation’s Road. Prime Minister Edi Rama explained what would happen with the charge that would apply for the maintenance of the road. “We will not start to apply the toll charge system without first offering the best possible solution for the residents of the area. By doing the best we can, we will reduce their burden and we will make the system functional”, he said, adding that the discontent of the residents of Kukes is legitimate.

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