May 5th united and divided politicians

May 5th united and divided politicians

May 5th, which represents Martyrs’ Day, joined politicians from both sides when they paid homage in front of Mother Albania monument. All of them were united in their stance that the heroes of the war must be remembered and honoured. However, they were divided about the way the country should move forward.


President: The future of the country through dialogue

On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, President Ilir Meta offered a message for politicians in the country, while considering this day as a special day for all of the people. “This is the day of those young men and women who made sublime sacrifices of putting Albania on the right side of history. Today is a day of reflection to put the future of the country above anything else through dialogue. We must honour the memory of those who made sacrifices and gave their lives for freedom”, Meta said.

Rama: Negotiations with the EU are being jeopardized

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared yesterday that there are certain political forces in Albania, which, according to him are trying to prevent the opening of accession talks. But, according to him, last year, the recommendation for the opening of accession talks was unconditional. “An internal force has tried and tries every day to prevent the opening of accession talks by turning this national objective into a political argument. They’re doing everything to prevent this, but Albania has embarked on a process which has been launched by all countries after they’ve opened their accession talks. We will do everything to obtain a positive decision, possibly in June or later during the year”, Rama said.

Basha: Day of reflection and unity

“This is a day of reflection to unite, to uphold freedom and its values, aware of the fact that freedom requires daily struggles”. This is how the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha considered May 5th. “We bow today in front of the sons of Albania, Kosovo, Albanians of Macedonia and Presevo who fought during the liberation war”, he added, stressing that this is also a day where each one of us must feel the heavy burden of sacrifice.

Kryemadhi: Their last will should be kept sacred

“Honouring martyrs means honouring the history of a nation, but it is also a reference of pride which inspires us to keep their last will sacred”. This was the message that was given yesterday by leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi.

Ruçi: Martyrs do not belong to political parties

“Martyrs do not belong to political parties; they belong to Albania. Political parties show that they’re emancipated when they honour the martyrs of the nation”. This was declared yesterday by parliamentary speaker, Gramoz Ruçi who paid homage to the martyrs of the nation on May 5th. According to him, war efforts have always produced martyrs. “This is why martyrs of the nation represent our national identity. Albanians too honour the sublime sacrifice for freedom”, he said.