Democrat leader Basha: There’s not long to go!

Democrat leader Basha: There’s not long to go!
The Democratic Party has warned the Prime Minister about the May 11 demonstrations

“I would like to be clear about this: there’s not long to go until he leaves!” This was the warning issued yesterday from Shkodra by the democrat leader, Lulzim Basha  for Prime Minister Edi Rama, reminding him about the demonstration which is set to take place on May 11. Meanwhile, the opposition  leader has also invited opposition supporters to participate in this demonstration in order to remove the current government from power.

“I address this call with the feeling of optimism, enthusiasm and faith that freedom will prevail. Hundreds of thousands of democrats from Shkodra are getting ready to face tyranny and crime on Saturday”, Basha said.

Meanwhile, he added that the opposition expects the law to be above everyone and that traffickers should not given protection.

“It’s time for Albanians to unite in these difficult days for the country. People know that what awaits us at the end of this battle is not just political rotation. This rotation is unavoidable. Political rotation is a national emergency, but we’re in a battle to implement European standards in Albanian elections”, he appealed amongst others, adding that the only guarantee for this is the creation of an interim government without Edi Rama as Prime Minister. “The one who has continuously rigged elections cannot be the caretaker of these elections. This is why we need a true electoral reform where the citizens’ opinion is needed”, the democrat leader also said from Shkodra.

“We will not recognize the electoral reform”

“Ladies and gentleman, that is not the commission of the electoral reform. Everything that this commission produces is a disgrace. We don’t recognize it and we will not recognize it. Don’t waste time”.

This was the stance of the democrat leader Lulzim Basha in relation to the electoral reform commission, which also saw the participation of lawmaker Hajdari. “This is a message for all of those who have sat down with Damian Gjiknuri, who should have been in prison for vote rigging”, he added.