Balkan leaders: EU enlargement is a geo-strategic issue!

Balkan leaders: EU enlargement is a geo-strategic issue!
“We call on European Union to consider the enlargement of Western Balkans as an issue of geo-political importance”.

This was the appeal launched by leaders of the Brdo-Brijun Process at the end of their summit in Tirana, adding that the full integration of Western Balkans is an important factor for the European stability.

“We would like to stress the importance of the enlargement of the European Union in this region to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, but also to respect, protect and deliver human rights in the region and the solution of bilateral issues”, the conclusive statement of this activity reads.

On the other hand, representatives of Western Balkans, including Albania, also agreed that this does not exclude candidate countries from the responsibility of applying the standards that the European Union has imposed on countries that aspire integration.

“We believe that this is important for peace, security and prosperity in Western Balkans and EU member countries for standards to be respected and for the process of negotiations to be more flexible and quicker”, the statement in question says.

Meanwhile, they also referred to the Prespa Agreement, adding that such example strengthens European and Euro-Atlantic ties with Western Balkans.

“We agreed that this positive moment has offered more optimism to the region”, the statement of the summit reads, concluding that they welcome “EU’s commitment towards Western Balkan region’.

“All pending issues with the neighbours will be solved”

“We support the position of the European Union that one of the conditions for the accession of an aspiring country is the solution of bilateral pending issues with neighbours. All pending issues must be solved in a peaceful way in the spirit of respect and mutual cooperation”.

This is the promise that the countries of Brdo-Brijun, including Albania, have addressed to EU member countries.

“We agreed on the need to further strengthen dialogue and reconciliation in the region, based on the truth, trust and the adherence of all agreements reached so far, but also by bearing in mind that peace, security and prosperity should be preserved for present and future generations”, the statement reads.