Agriculture remains the biggest employer in Albania

Agriculture remains the biggest employer in Albania
In districts with the highest employment in the country, such as Elbasan and Korça, agriculture is a vital sector

 For quite some time now Albania has been considered as a developing country, but it looks like the country still relies heavily on this sector, with agriculture being the biggest employer in the country, despite the significant contribution that commerce and services are making in creating new jobs.

This is confirmed by the latest figures released by the country’s Institute of Statistics. According to these figures, agriculture employs the largest number of people in the country with 37.4% of the total.

According to INSTAT, last year, Elbasan employed the largest number of people in agriculture with 61.5% of the total, while Korça had a percentage of 59.5.

“In 2018, employment in agriculture for the district of Tirana accounts for a very small percentage of the total number of employments with only 7%. Around 66% of employees in this district work in the service sector, but industry also plays an important role with 27%”, experts of INSTAT say. This suggests a strong correlation between the total number of employees and development of agriculture in a particular area of the country.

On the other hand, experts confirm that industry continues to be a sector that employs a small number of people in Albania. However, industry is concentrated in Tirana and Durres, which are considered to be urban areas.

In Durres, industry employees around 34% of the total, while in Tirana it employs 27% of the total.

Although Elbasan used to have the former metallurgic processing plant, industry in this district currently employs only 9% of the total number of people who have a job. The same thing can also be said about Kukes where industry employs only 7% of the district’s labour force.