Agriculture and commerce, the lowest paid sectors in the country

Agriculture and commerce, the lowest paid sectors in the country

Unfortunately, the sectors with the lowest average pays are the ones who employ the largest number of people.

 People who work in agriculture, commerce or craftsmanship are the lowest paid jobs in Albania. This is confirmed by experts of statistics, according to which there’s a big difference between these sectors and other sectors of the country.

“In 2018, jobs which are paid below the average were qualified workers employed in agriculture, forests and fishing, but also craftsmen, artisans and other professionals like these ones”, the Institute of Statistics says in its latest study about the labour market, adding that the highest paid jobs are lawmakers, senior employees of the state administration and executive directors, but also specialists and technicians. INSTAT confirms that last year, average gross salary in Albania was 50.589 leks. This salary is higher in financial activities, insurance, public administration, etc. Meanwhile, people who work in sectors such as commerce, agriculture, fishing, etc, get paid less.

What catches the eye in the latest study made by INSTAT is the fact that the sectors with the lowest salaries are the ones who employ more people. This shows that there are more people nationwide who get paid less than the average salary of 50.589 leks. What’s more is that the majority of these people who work in these sectors are self-employed and do not get a fixed salary.

“The service sector and agriculture have the highest of employees with 42.9% and 37.4% of the total”, says Institute of Statistics.