Masked men drive away with 2 million euros, police kills one of the suspects

Masked men drive away with 2 million euros, police kills one of the suspects
At least four armed and masked men managed to rob an armoured truck belonging to a private security company and took two million euros from it before they attacked an aircraft at Tirana international airport. After driving off, police started to chase the gunmen and one of them remained killed during the exchange of fire.

This happened yesterday around 3 pm at Tirana International Airport.

After smashing through one of the entrances of the airport used by the fire service, the gunmen attacked an aircraft headed to Vienna as it was getting ready to take off. The perpetrators stepped up to the belly of the plane, threatening staff with guns and ordering them on the ground. After stealing the amount of money, they left.

Special Forces and Border Police started to chase them. During the chase in a secondary road, perpetrators have exchanged fire with Police and one of them remained killed. Meanwhile, police also found a van thought to belong to the gunmen.

Police continued the chase assisted by a helicopter. Nonetheless, despite the involvement of numerous police forces in this massive manhunt, no arrests have been made so far.  Meanwhile, police has taken in around 40 suspects with previous criminal records; however, there hasn’t been any official report about the identification and the capture of the robbers.

According to police sources, inside the armoured vehicle there were around 1.5 to 2 million euros, but this is not the official figure. Some media outlets reported that the amount that was stolen was several times bigger.