Basha says that the opposition is in majority

Basha says that the opposition is in majority
“We’re in majority. Every national or international opinion poll gives us the lead. We should translate this support that Albanians are giving us into votes”.

This was declared by democrat leader, Lulzim Basha during a meeting held with senior party officials. According to him, “support for the Democratic Party has grown since the decision to boycott parliament”. According to him, this should also be reflected in the way citizens of this country vote. For the democrat chairman, the opposition has the upper now and it should play this to its advantage. “In every meeting that we hold, we need to explain that we’re in majority”, the opposition leader also said.

On the other hand, the continuation of the opposition’s actions was another topic of discussion in yesterday’s meeting. According to him, protests will be held every time parliament convenes, while everything will culminate with the April 13 demonstration, which according to him, will be the biggest protest ever held by the opposition.  The democrat chairman added that a big attendance of the April 13 demonstration has an extraordinary importance, therefore he asked party senior officials to bring as many party supporters to this big event. According to him, the demands of the opposition remain unchanged: Edi Rama’s resignation, the creation of an interim government and the holding of early elections. “Our demands remain unchanged: Edi Rama’s resignation and an interim government”, Basha appealed.

Meetings with party faithful

“Edi Rama will receive a hard blow on April 13”

After the meeting with party officials, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has traveled to the north and northeast of the country where he had meetings in Kukes, Has, Tropoja and Laç. “Edi Rama will receive a hard blow on April 13. Citizens of this country are getting ready to unite in order to give way to a political solution of this crisis”, he declared.