Rama’s government doesn’t welcome Telekom Srbia in Albania

Rama’s government doesn’t welcome Telekom Srbia in Albania
Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama declared on Tuesday that the Albanian government does not want Telekom Serbia to acquire Telekom Albania.

This was declared by the head of the Albanian government during a meeting that he had with journalists to discuss on developments in the country.

Rama said that the government that he leads welcomes Serbian investments in Albania, but not in strategic areas such as telecommunication.

Rama’s reaction comes a few days after Detsche Telekom announced that it will a strategy of withdrawing from small markets and is selling its branches in Albania and other countries too.

Telekom Albania was acquired by DT in 2015 when AMC (Albanian Mobile Communications), owned by the Greek Cosmote, changed its name and brand.

AMC was the first mobile operator in Albania. This company was established in 1996 by the state and in 2000, it was acquired by the Greek Ote.

15 years later, AMC was sold to Deutsche Telekom.

Unofficially it’s been said that the price that Telekom Serbia, a state and private owned company, has offered for Telekom Albania is 60 million euros and many experts see this as a modest amount.

The Albanian government is not part of the transaction that Deutsche Telekom will carry out with the company that it will select to sell the business, but this is a strategic sector and the Albanian government has decided to intervene.

This was confirmed today by Mr. Rama: “It's normal for interested companies to demand the government's opinion. The stance of the Albanian government is simple and clear: Serb businesses are welcome in Albania, but not in this strategic sector”.

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