Interior minister Xhafaj meets vice president of Bundeskriminalamt

Interior minister Xhafaj meets vice president of Bundeskriminalamt
Enhancement of cooperation between Albanian State Police and the German Criminal Police on issues which relate projects of assistance concerning Criminal Police was at the focus of a meeting held between Albanian Interior minister, Fatmir Xhafaj and the vice President of the German Criminal Federal Office, Peter Henzler.

During this meeting, minister Xhafaj praised the cooperation that exists between the two sides, thanking the German official on the technical assistance and in particular, the contribution that German experts who work with Albanian State Police, have made.

Xhafaj briefed the German officials on the results of operation “Strength of the Law”, which is a major operation that authorities in Albania have recently launched, stressing that this operation has been conceived as an efficient action plan to fight organized crime.

On his part, the vice president of Bundeskriminalamt praised the efforts being made by Albanian police to tackle organized crime, considering them as a strategy that a very few countries have. He said that the implementation of this plan is a good opportunity to continue cooperation in areas which would benefit both Germany and Albania.

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