Vetting: Judge involved in an act of theft in neighboring Italy

Vetting: Judge involved in an act of theft in neighboring Italy

Authorities in Albania have discovered that a High Court justice has been convicted 20 years ago in neighboring Italy on charges of theft. The judge in question is Admir Thanza, who, yesterday, appeared in front of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) and was told that in 1999, he was convicted in Italy with 40 days in jail and a fine of 100 thousand lira.

On his part, the judge has defended himself by saying that it was not him who committed the theft, but another person. According to him, he has assumed responsibility for this act due to family circumstances. “It was not me who committed this theft, but another person. I assumed responsibility for it due family circumstances. I went to Italy to visit my 9 year old nephew who suffered from a serious disease. His mother, who made the mistake, was the legal custodian of the child and if she was deported, my nephew’s life was in danger. I sacrificed and accepted this. I’m proud for this human act and I don’t want you to pass judgment on me, because today, that child is 28 years old and he works as a lawyer abroad. I want to be treated the same as other judges”, said justice Thanza, who is also candidate for the High Board of Judges. The jury is now expected to take a final decision for the judge in question on 17 July on whether the judge will pass the vetting process or not. Meanwhile, there have also been problems with the declaration of assets by the judge in question.

On the other hand, prosecutor Kostaq Beluri also appeared in front of the Independent Qualifying Commission yesterday. According to the assessment of this commission, no problems were identified with his declaration of assets.



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