Attorney General: Several criminal organizations are under investigation

Attorney General: Several criminal organizations are under investigation

Attorney General Arta Marku has reported yesterday in front of MPs about the results for the 7 months period since she entered office. Among others, Marku said that investigations are being made on several criminal organizations nationwide.

“During 2017, prosecution has launched criminal proceedings against 17 criminal organizations”, she said. On the other hand, as far as the fight against corruption is concerned, she said that 12 criminal proceedings have been launched against high ranking officials, which include even prosecutors. “Last year there’s been a 69% increase in the number of criminal proceedings for corruption compared to 2016. In 2017, prosecution has launched criminal proceedings for 124 cases of corruption”, Marku said.

Asked by opposition MPs about the investigations taking place on the brother of the Interior minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, who was alleged for his involvement in drug traffic, she said that Prosecution is a decentralized institution and that prosecutors are in charge of the investigations. According to her, the Attorney General has no power to interfere in an ongoing inquest or issue orders and instructions. “The Attorney General can only issue general guidelines. The case prosecutor is the person in charge of the inquest”, the head of the prosecution said. Marku also said that she’s under no obligation to reveal such information and according to her, no prosecutor is allowed to appear in front of MPs and reveal information relating such cases. On the other hand, democrat MP, Edi Paloka has reacted by saying that “we hoped that the interim Attorney General was going to provide answers on several important scandals that have broken out”. But, according to him, none of the MPs received answers regarding these cases.



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